General Admission Exam

January 2024

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Knowledge Test Syllabus

What is the Applicant Guide?

The Admissions, Enrollment, and Academic Registration Office (OAMRA) of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, presents the new applicant guide so that you can find the necessary information and apply to our admission modalities, as well as, have a notion of the agenda that is included in our level evaluation.

In the same way, we invite you to be part of our Heredian family, since our main objective is to form integral professionals.


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Admission Modalities 2024-I

Aptitude Test

The aptitude test is the process that evaluates the applicant’s potential through his or her ability to solve algorithmic (cognitive aspect) and heuristic (affective aspect) problems: verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning.


This test evaluates the ability to reflect on language, understand and construct texts, and use language resources to enhance critical thinking and communication.


Evaluates the applicant’s critical thinking, the ability to construct interpretations of historical facts, understand the connection of cultural and social processes in relation to space and time and analyze political and economic changes from different perspectives.


This test evaluates the applicant’s ability to use concepts and execute operations that allow him/her to solve numerical problems, as well as to put into practice his/her intellect to analyze data presented in different forms. To fulfill this part, the applicant must know logic, logical inference, and elementary algebra, arithmetic, and geometry operations.

Knowledge Test

This test evaluates the knowledge acquired by the applicant during his or her school years.

FOR ALL DEGREE COURSES: COURSES FOR EVALUATION: Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Personal Interview

It is a communication, mainly verbal, between at least two people, where there are two defined roles: interviewer and interviewee, with known objectives. This procedure evaluates the applicant’s attitude to adapt to the requirements and demands of the degree courses at the university.

The interviews will have the following characteristics: